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The IDFPR has made an emergency rule for professional licenses up for renewal in 2021.

All required continuing education may now be done ONLINE.


Addressing Sexual Harassment   (1 hour online seminar)  

Mandated  Reporting  (1 hour online seminar)

These seminars are now available to order on our online store.

AATP Providing Professional Continuing Education Seminars in Springfield, IL

Professional Continuing Education Seminars in Springfield, IL

Scroll down to see a listing of our latest online seminars. New in 2019 and now available are:

 Sociopaths and Narcissists (6-hour online seminar)

 New in 2018: Borderline/Bipolar/Relationship Addiction. 6-hour online seminar

 New in 2018: Social Anxiety in Teens and Young Adults. 6-hour online seminar

Why Springfield, IL’s Mental Health Personnel Should Never Stop Learning

With all of the research taking place across the globe, treatments and understanding of mental disorders are changing fast. To provide the best possible care for your clients, you need to stay up to date on the best methods to serve them and provide the help they need. These seminars are designed to empower you and fellow mental health personnel in Springfield, IL, to do that. They’re all online, count toward the credit requirements for your license, and cover a range of topics. Everything you need is right here on the AATP website.

By learning online, each mental health personnel member can learn at their own pace to ensure they fully understand the subject material and how they can apply it to their practice. You can register for the next one or order DVDs of previous seminars with just a few clicks. It has never been easier to keep up with the latest developments in the field while maintaining your continuing education requirements. Both you and your clients will be much better off for it. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to learn more about the AATP organization.

Mental Health Seminars in Springfield, IL

The AATP is a not-for-profit training academy established to provide professional continuing education for counselors and therapists, school counselors and social workers, psychologists, mental health personnel, alcohol and drug abuse counselors, marriage and family therapists, and other professionals working to help persons in need of counseling and therapy for any number of problems.

The AATP provides videotaped seminars and continuing education seminars in Springfield, IL, on a wide variety of pertinent topics, such as the treatment of personality disorders, mental health disorders, addictions, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, marital and couples counseling, and youth and adolescent issues.

The AATP is licensed in the State of Illinois to provide continuing education to the following professions:

LCSW and LSW: 159.000181
NURSES: 236.00003
All AATP programs are approved by IAODAPCA/ICB.

You May Now View Any Of The Following Online Seminars For Only $60 And Receive 6 Credit Hours Of Continuing Education

Our Newest 6-Hour Seminars

new in 2018:  Borderline/BiPolar/Relationship addiction
new in 2018:  Social Anxiety in Teens - I'm so awkward
new in 2018:  Repairing Personality disorders - neural integration 
new in 2017:  Helping LGBTQ Teens Navigate Adolescences - 
new in 2017:  Mood Disorders in Teens 
new in 2017:  Ethics of Trauma-Informed Care
new in 2017:  Managing Personality Disorders
Our newest 3-hour seminars

New in 2017:

Heroin: use in teens and young adults
Marijuana:  use in teens and young adults
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Other 6-Hour Online Seminars Include

  • UNDERSTANDING THE DSM  5  (M. Perrin, Psy.D.)
  • The Anxious Brain - treating anxiety disorders  (M. Wehrenberg, Psy.D.)
  • Ten Best Depression Management Techniques (M. Wehrenberg, Psy.D.)
  • Emotional Overeating  (M. Perrin, Psy.D.)
  • Women, Substance Abuse and Recovery (M. Perrin, Psy.D.)
  • Process Addictions (M. Perrin, Psy.D.)
  • Adolescent Girls in Crisis  (Mark Sanders, LCSW)
  • Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide in Adolescents  (J. Gabe, LCSW)
  • Helping Parents of Oppositional Kids  (J. Gabe, LCSW)

On this Website you will find:

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Here's how to reach the AATP directly:
PO Box 9138
Springfield, Illinois 62791
(217) 787-9321 Voice - (217) 787-6757 Fax

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