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NEW AATP ON DVD -- 6 credit hour seminar:


Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg, Psy .D.

The AATP is pleased to announce the availability of a new 6 credit hour DVD seminar on the management of symptoms of depression. Through this DVD, viewers will learn TEN METHODS that therapists can immediately apply to improve therapy with clients suffering from depression. Dr. Wehrenberg reviews brain function that is relevant to depressions and then focuses on how psychotherapy can improve the physiology, behavior, and cognitions of depressed clients. Through this DVD, viewers will learn:

  • How to encourage motivation in depressed clients
  • How to help clients mobilize energy for countering their symptoms of depression.
  • How to use concepts from positive psychology and mindfulness to assist their clients to develop more positive attitudes and cognitions.
  • How to use the best of Cogntive-Behavioral techniques in working with depressed clients.

This DVD seminar comes with an extensive handout and reference list.

The DVD seminar comes with a post-test and upon completion of the post-test, continuing education credits are awarded.

This DVD seminar is available for rent for $85 or for purchase for $150.


Contact the AATP at (217) 787-9321 for more information.